A Holiday Shopping Guide for That Special Truck Driver in Your Life

What do Santa and the average truck driver have in common? Both haul the freight we need when we need it most.

While truck drivers bring our groceries, clothing, and countless other goods, they can’t be expected to bring their own gifts. 

This is where their loved ones come in. If that’s you, you’re tasked with playing Santa this Christmas and finding the perfect gifts to support your freight-hauling friend or family member. The only question is, what type of present should you get that special trucker in your life?

Handy Items That Make Trucker Life Easier

Trucking is a unique occupation. It requires that people do their work in a stationary position while also being on the move. It sees them haul massive amounts of goods, but have very little space of their own. What types of items could be helpful in this situation?

For comfort, consider the classic seat cushion or headrest pillow. Both of these can make a massive difference in the comfort level of a truck driver as they sit for hours and hours. Sometimes these gifts can even reduce back or neck pain.

Life on the road can bring the unexpected. Some gifts for truck drivers are designed to protect them. Take this portable diversion safe, which is designed to house valuables while looking like a simple book that anyone else would pass right over. You can also gift your driver a tool set – even those who have roadside assistance sometimes prefer to handle their rig’s problems alone, when possible. 

Since truckers deliver freight both day and night, this gives you double the gift options. You could choose sunglasses designed to dim the sun and make day driving easier, or a headlamp to aid your driver if they’re checking their truck at night.

Don’t forget the challenge of staying fed on the road. Some of the top food-related gifts for truck drivers include mini fridges to house drinks and ingredients, as well as portable cookers to serve as an all-purpose kitchen that’s perfect for a small space. 

Fun Ways to Pass the Time 

Holiday shopping is often associated with fun times. What type of gifts could help your recipient enjoy hours of recreation and stimulation?

For drivers on the road, there’s the joy of audiobooks. Audible is one of the top options out there, offering flexible membership plans so your driver can get the exact amount of content they want in almost any genre. Don’t forget, if they prefer to put it in park and read quietly, there’s Kindle Unlimited.

Speaking of putting it in park, there are other ways to engage the mind and unwind once the workday is done. Some drivers enjoy playing games, so a board game set with multiple options included is perfect for those who bring companions along. You can even video chat with loved ones and play together from a distance.

Rest time from the road is also a perfect time to engage in hobbies. The creative truckers among us may prefer to draw, so consider art kits as a gift idea. Exercise is also a must for keeping drivers healthy in their relatively sedentary environment, so on-the-go exercise equipment is a great pick for trucker life.

Of course, sometimes the best gifts for truck drivers are the ones that allow them to bring a little piece of home on the road. Consider custom signs that add a touch of personalization to their truck, to make the rig feel a bit more like home.

Custom jewelry or personalized clothing can make a driver feel like more than just a driver – it can remind them they’re a beloved parent, sibling, spouse, and more. Sometimes that’s just the motivation a driver needs to make it through those long journeys alone on the open road. 

While we don’t have a fleet of reindeer to pull our freight along, we do have a dedicated team of drivers and dispatch specialists. Whether you’re looking for a trucking job or a new partner to ship freight with, it’d be a gift to us if you were to reach out today.