Red Flags to Look for When Switching to a New Trucking Company

Switching to a new trucking company can be like starting a new journey in your professional life.

A career journey can have many twists and turns for a truck driver. Sometimes you end up with a good option, but you may believe you can do better – other times, you may be turning onto a dead-end road without knowing it.

There are several trucking companies out there that drivers may want to avoid, especially during spring, when many drivers look for new career opportunities. How do you know which ones to steer clear of? Look for these warning signs and turn your rig around before entering.  

Bad Reviews

This is the first and most obvious red flag that a trucking company is maybe not worth working for. It’s listed first on our list not only because it often comes to mind first, but because it’s not exactly a completely accurate representation of a company.

When people have a bad experience with something, they’re often quick to talk about it. But when they have a good experience, they’re sometimes content to keep the information to themselves. Keep in mind some negative reviews are posted maliciously based on lies, while it’s also possible for companies to buy good feedback to pad their rating.

The verdict? Reviews should be at least considered, but they’re not as important as these other factors.

High Turnover

Truck drivers know all about following routes of those who traveled before them. The same approach to delivering freight can be taken with finding a good workplace – look at how the company’s previous employees fared and what decisions they made regarding this carrier.

Going back to reviews, the details are what matter. If you read about workers constantly leaving a company after a short time, it’s a sign that something may be amiss. Once again, it’s not a guarantee your experience will be the same, but you should be careful about jumping in the cab so quickly.

The bottom line? If companies can’t hold onto employees, you may want to hold off on signing.

Unclear Terms

Freight industry workers appreciate certainty. Just like you need to know what your route is, you also want to know the terms of the job. If the company can’t provide accurate details about pay, benefits, and working conditions, it could be a warning sign.

To be fair, there are some elements of the freight business that are impossible to predict with certainty. Hours, workloads, and other aspects of the job can change on the fly. This is due to economic factors, supply chain conditions, and other issues that could be out of the company’s hands.

What does it mean for you? The more info a company can provide you during onboarding, the better.

Poor Equipment

If you’re working for a company rather than working for yourself, usually the organization will provide the truck. In this case, switching to a new trucking company can put you behind the wheel of an amazing machine – or a subpar one, if you choose wrong.

Companies that use inferior or outdated equipment should be questioned. While it’s true that some companies may not be able to upgrade to the latest and greatest models due to the economy, proper equipment is an investment in the workforce. With it, drivers can work more efficiently and feel safer on the roads.

Our take? If the trucks are too old or poorly maintained, drivers may want to pass on the company.

Unsupportive Culture

Of course, equipment isn’t the only way a carrier can invest in their drivers. The support system a company puts in place could make or break the driver’s experience – this could be called the single most important factor in choosing an employer in the trucking industry, or any industry for that matter.

But what makes for an unsupportive or toxic culture in trucking? It could mean many things. A lack of benefits, a failure to provide roadside assistance, and a lackadaisical approach to safety are all major red flags. When you’re switching to a new trucking company, make sure they have the steps and structure in place to protect you and your experience.

The final thought? You’ll support the company you work for; make sure they return the effort.

Switching to a New Trucking Company? Try Trans Lines

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